Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of music with the varied offerings of an experienced pianist. With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, she offers two different services tailored to suit your needs.
For grand occasions, be it a concert, party or special event, she brings her piano prowess to the stage, captivating audiences with her extraordinary talent and soulful performances. From elegant concert halls to intimate gatherings, her music resonates with every listener, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and memorable.
It also offers a unique opportunity to personalize by creating personalized music for those looking for a truly special gift or moment. Whether composing a soulful tune to commemorate a treasured memory or crafting a piece that reflects a loved one's unique personality, she weaves emotion into every note, creating a musical masterpiece that will be treasured forever.

Music, made especially for you

/channeled music of the human soul/

Order your unique piece of music, created by Daniela specifically for you! For you or for your loved ones - unique and priceless gift!

This is a original piece of music that Daniela creates, performs and records specifically for you, your personal music portrait. She called it "Soul Masterpiece". And this music touches the heart of the person, acts healing and soothing and helps one’s to connect with oneself and the love that carries. This is the massage from your Soul, that you integrate in this moment through your 'Soul Masterpiece".

Listening frees one from past emotions, experiences, creating more space for awareness of one's true self, of self-love. A sense of inspiration, relaxation and freedom brings.

This personal music portrait, which Daniela compose for you is unique because of the benefits and healing effect which creates. It is beyond time and space, connects you to your infinite.

This music is filled with lots of love and care, it surrounds you with the bright light, giving you wings for your uplift and development forward.

It can be ordered for you as well as your loved ones, friend or family member,as a priceless gift.


  • Lena Blankenstein-Holmstrom
    Unique, healing, beautiful, tender, desire for life. This song went right under the skin and It's hard to describe those feelings. Absolute amazing and so is also the composer. Daniela is beautiful inside and out. She is a winner of National Competition for French Music , also received special prize for Best performance of Bach-Toccata and Fugue at the Pancho Vladigerov National Competition. Daniela has also another gift, the gift of making personal music . She call it Soul Masterpiece.And guess what. I have my own Soul Masterpiece and I love it. Daniela:I can't thank you enough for this unique gift. I cherish this with love

    Sain lahjaksi minulle sävelletyn pianosävellyksen ja se meni suoraan ihon alle
    Lena Blankenstein-Holmstrom
  • "Very impressive music! It touches every cell of the body and they tremble in the rhythm of the sounds" Thank you for this magic Daniela Nasteva "
  • "Thank you Daniela, for your special gift that you share with us and as if you kiss our hearts with the love and tenderness and beauty of your music."
  • "Magic music"
  • "Beauty and enjoyment is your music!"
  • "Daniela, you are a wonderful artist who touches people's hearts!"
  • "Amazing and heartbreaking! Now we need artists like you more than ever!"
  • "You achieve success wherever your music flies!"
  • "Music as beautiful and invigorating as Daniela herself"
  • "One. Of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard! So Magical! Thank you so much for your amazing music!"
  • " There is a boundless feeling of lightness, light and joy into your music! And words are not enough to describe how they make me feel when I listen to her! "
  • "Well done! Gentle and inpactful beautiful music."
  • "An unearthly gift - unique, healing, tender, beautiful, joy, love, living life, desire for life and more and more and more ...!"
  • "Admirations! Keep transforming Light through your music"!
  • "Magic music! Thank you for the love and life-giving inspiration with which you share your gift with the world!"
  • "Your destiny is the music of love. You shine and recreate the Divine light and love in music through your beautiful heart and soul!"
  • "You have created wonderful music, bringing lightness and joy! It is unique! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
  • "I need to listen to your personal music over and over again, it has such a healing effect on me. I can't stop my tears, as if the sounds reach deep into the cells and heal me! It's magical!"
  • "Daniela, you are a blessing to me! This music I heard today at the seminar filled me with so much love and harmony! It was so powerful as never before . You are an angel with angelic music!"
  • " One of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard! So Magical ! Thank you so much for your amazing music !"
  • "There is no way I can describe the tenderness, beauty and love you give to me with your music ..."

  • "At first, my tears flowed, but then I relaxed and felt my heart full of love and joy! Thank you,Daniela"

Piano performances

Daniela offers solo piano recitals as well as performances at private and corporate events. Her elegant style flows into her performances and she brings any venue to life, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated mood. Daniela's performances are powerfully impactful with her music whispering the story of the soul and painting exquisitely beautiful pictures through inspiration springing from her heart.

Listen to my new piano studio album CONNECTION.
Seven original Piano pieces by Daniela Nasteva.